Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Through it all my eyes are on you...mostly

Let's be honest here, sometimes its a lot easier to say that I have complete faith in God's plan for myself and for my family.  However, because I am who I am, that's not always true.  I wholeheartedly want that to be the way I live my life.  I get caught up in the whirlwind of things, though, and get lost on the path.  When I try to take control of things I usually just cause a big ol mess.

This song by Kristen DiMarco and Bethel Music is one of the songs I try to go to when I'm failing, or when I just need a moment to refocus.

My prayer life if a constant struggle, and something I'm trying to improve.  I'm learning that when I need a moment to pray but can't seem to get my thoughts together, if I turn to music I can center myself and just sing out all my prayer needs.  Sometimes I sing pretty darn loud!  Momma needs Jesus a little extra at certain points of the day.  (a certain 3 year old boy has recently stopped taking naps so you can only imagine how loud I'm singing come 5 o'clock!)


Moments like this make up for the tantrums though :)

You would think I'd have realized by now that once I start praying about something, I get an answer fairly quickly.  There's something about completely humbling myself, and asking for help that slows me, however.  I guess its my human-ness.  Thankfully, He knows what's on my heart. 

Here are a few things that are on my heart this morning...

 - B is starting his second week at his new job.  We prayed that God's will be done, and that we be shown the path our family is to be on, and after a little while of actively praying we were given an answer.  An old boss of his called and told B he would possibly have a job for him in the next few weeks so standby.  We waited, prayed about it, and B finally got the call for an interview which led to an amazing new opportunity for my sweet guy.  Y'all he has come home smiling with an extra pep in his step every day since he started! It is well.

 - I want my boys to have a strong and passionate relationship with Christ so badly.  One where they feel comfortable to stop and pray when both times of celebration and times of struggle present themselves.  My heart aches for the things of the world that are out to get them, make them doubt, make them feel not worthy.  So it is my fervent prayer that they know to turn to prayer when they need guidance. It is well.

 - I'm still trying to figure out my place in this world.  Some days I am so in love with being at home, spending all this time with my boys. Some days, all I can think about is going back to work.  I loved working! Yes, I worked outrageous hours and let it stress me out more than I should have, but the good days were GOOD!  I even think about going back to school.  WHAT?!?  Mercy.  Like I said, trying to figure out my place.  It is well.

So many more thoughts and prayers, but those are the ones that have been constant lately. 

As I'm writing all of this, I'm starting to hear the sweetest babble coming from Gage's room.  It's  crazy how that sound can put the biggest smile on your face. 

It is well.

love love,
Kaylee :)


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  1. You inspire me with your everyday actions. I am so proud of the wife, mother and friend you have become. Love.