Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Review (Birthday Edition) 6/19-6/21

So with the B's new job he gets off early on Fridays....well he's supposed to get off early.  This Friday he had to stay a little longer.  BUMMER.  When he got home he decided he needed a nap since Gage was sleeping and Jackson was having quiet time.  In the mean time my sister had decided to come and hang with us for a little while. 

*side note*  Ashlie and I were planning to go on a little, sister, beach vacay this past week, but because of a few unforeseen and uncontrollable "road bumps" we weren't able to go... BIGGER BUMMER!

We hung out for a bit at the house, then called mom who was planning on meeting us for dinner.  B, me, the boys, Ashlie, and mom headed to a sweet little restaurant here in town to check out some of their BBQ.  SO GOOD!  After dinner, the boys all went home and the girls decided we needed to do some shopping and had a mini Girl's Night.  We had so much fun, and got a few cute things at Old Navy and Target that I'll talk about in another post. 

Saturday, I had to wake up early and go help set up for Vacation Bible School.  My friend Katie and I were asked to do the daily skits, and we will be helping our other two friends Kristina and Alisha with teaching the motions to some songs.  I'm pretty pumped about my first VBS being a momma!  Love getting to share these times with some of my favorite mommy friends.  I got home a little after noon, and was ready to get the boys out of the house.  B was supposed to work all afternoon, but we no more than walked in to Hobbly Lobby when he called to say he was already on his way back home.  We decided to meet at Home Depot and get a few flowers for our front porch and this sweet little wheel barrel. 

Marigolds in the front
Balloon flowers and Vinca flowers in the back
B and Jackson decided to go on an adventure while Gage and I headed home for a nap (Gage) and to plant (me) our new goodies.  We grilled out and after dinner exchanged birthday and Father's Day gifts. We're not very good at keeping presents from each other so they're usually given a little early.  Gift giving is totally one of my top love languages so I'm fine with this HA!  The boys spoiled me once again with all kinds of fun things including a new pillow. I was especially excited about that!  You know you're an adult when.... 
Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to Coppell to spend some time with my in-laws.  Jackie (my father-in-law) grilled up some DE-LISH chicken and sausage, and of course we had all kinds of sides. The meal was complete with red velvet cake for me and pineapple upside down cake for the dads.  Y'all I am so pumped to tell you about what Pam and Jackie gifted me, but you'll have to wait until Tuesday when I start and new little "series" called Try it Tuesday.  So stay tuned!  We then all got ready and headed back up to Denton for church. 
I was extra excited because I was going to be a Eucharistic Minister at Mass.  There's just something about handing the body and blood of Christ to your friends and family that can really humble and amaze you.  Especially when you're celebrating your birthday!  The act of handing our Savior, the man who was sent to save us, to people in Communion while celebrating the day your life began was an experience I can't even begin to put in to words.  Let me just say that I may have almost started crying when my sweet friend's little girl (who had her First Holy Communion early this year) came up to receive.  So amazing.
After Mass, the guys and I headed out to the farm.  We had a huge dinner to celebrate all the dads and sing "Happy Birthday" to my dad and me.  Yep, my sweet papa and I are birthday twins!! It was also Father's Day the day I was born.  I mean, sheesh, talk about upping the gift-giving ante, mom! 

Now that the five of you have made it this far I'll wrap this up.  All in all the weekend was a great one! I was spoiled once again and was reminded of just how wonderful my friends and family are.


someone sweet talked Aunt Ashlie for some ice cream

 Thank you, Jesus, for these awesome people I love and for another amazing year of life.  I pray the next one is full with as many or more adventures!!

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