Monday, June 29, 2015

Pray. Hustle. Repeat.

Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and go check out this amazing company.  My sister-in-law, Jessica, and her sister, Trish, teamed up to make Pray. Hustle. Repeat.  An amazing company with some adorable Ts, a blog, and a love for life like you've never seen.  Not to mention they're badasses who Crossfit  and lift more than some men. My favorite part about this whole company is that as portion of profit from each sale is donated to a pro-life organization! 

Here's and excerpt from their site:

"Pray Hustle Repeat was inspired by the sisters’ passion for life. Both living the life that God has planned for them and embracing new life, all life, into theirs. The image of the precious feet* on all of our merchandise is a testament to the joy that a life can bring – from conception through all its wondrous stages.  Our desire is to spread a message of encouragement, perseverance, and openness to life. We know first hand what it’s like to “be in the trenches” and what a kind word or a smile can mean."

Here's a little glimpse of their goodies:


Jess and Trish are two of my favorite people!  They are stinkin hilarious and I am in stitches every time I hang out with them.  Go check out their site and buy a shirt while you're there. You can also follow them on all forms of social media for their cheeky memes and the occasional surprise sale :) Who doesn't love a discount?!

*This is totally not a sponsored post, nor was I asked to write this.  I just simply love these ladies and love the whole idea of this company :)

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