Thursday, June 11, 2015

My keepers

I sat down to write a post titled "Toddler For Sale".  I was maybe three sentences in when all of a sudden Jackson "The Wild West Bandit", as he as named himself, busted through my door. 

So much for quite time ;)
This is usually how it goes though.  Just when I'm ready to throw in the towel on this whole "motherhood" gig Jackson does something extremely funny, or randomly says "I LOVE YOU" while squeezing me as hard as he can.  Or Gage lets out one his amazing baby belly laughs.  You know those laughs.  The ones where you can almost feel your ovaries jump and you all of a sudden want to have all the babies.  Yeah.

The reason I was going to write the above mentioned post is because I gotta tell ya, three year olds are hard. Otherwise known as "threenagers" I was recently told. They are so passionate about so many things, and have mercy on you if you try to take one of those things away.  For example, the other day Jackson was watching a few cartoons, and when time came for the TV to be turned off he lost. his. mind.  This is where I would insert the emoji with the bulging eyes because that is literally all I could do.  Standing there and trying to not laugh, or lose my patience with this kid who is screaming "I don't love you" and running around in an honest to God circle all because I turned off the TV once his beloved Paw Patrol was over.  Thankfully, my peace offering of milk and bubble time was happily accepted, and we went along with our day.

Praise the Lord that Jackson is who he is, though.  He is one of the funniest, sweetest, smartest, thoughtful kids I know. He loves big and hard. Just ask Gage the next time Jackson tackles him to give him a hug or kiss.
Case in point. I said "give Gage a hug" and that obviously means squeeze and pull.

His times of trying to figure out the hard parts of this life are totally outnumbered by all his laughter and kisses.   And speaking of Gage, well, he's pretty much the easiest baby to have ever been born, so as long as I keep giving him food he's good.  Except we'll revisit that statement once the next set of teeth start trying to viciously cut through his gums.  Teeth are jerks, man. 

All in all, these boys are my favorite little people.  They are definitely keepers.  Being their mom is the best thing I've ever done.  Should we be blessed with more babies in the future,  I know more tantrums and meltdowns are inevitable, but hopefully the Mr. and I will continue to teach the kiddos that laughing through life makes everything a lot more fun!


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