Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This guy...

...has my heart. 

CAUTION! If you aren't a fan of sappy "I love you" posts I recommend skipping this one.  But be sure you come back for the next! 

  Where was I...oh yeah.  Brenton.  He's my dreamy, handsome husband and best friend.  Today is his birthday so I wanted to throw some love his way.  He's pretty much my favorite person.  The things he does or doesn't do so our  family can be this happy are so abundant that I can't list them here.  Hell, he puts up with my shenanigans so the man is close to sainthood! He makes me laugh, wipes my eyes when I cry, and tells me I'm beautiful multiple times a day. 

  He has helped me see the world in a whole different way.  I am the type of person who can hold a grudge if someone does me wrong or something doesn't go my way.  He is teaching me how to let go, and laugh even more than I already do.    He has helped me see that talking about problems solves things A LOT faster than holding my feelings in and pretending like everything is ok.  When friendships change and I devastatingly don't see it coming, he's there to get me through...even if all he can do is offer to call my mom because he doesn't know what else to do.  I love that he knows that I still need my mom.  He understands my need for the occasional late night ice cream.  Bless. He's as passionate about our faith as I am and I love growing closer to God with him.
  He loves our babies more than I could have ever imagined.  His eyes sparkle every time he looks at them.

   And they love him so stinkin much.  The way Jackson and Gage look at Brenton is the stuff you dream about.  His example of what a true and honest man is, is so amazing and I just know my boys will grow to be not only amazing humans but wonderful men.  (Future daughters-in-law I'll go ahead and apologize because its gonna be hard for me to let go when its your turn to take the "leading lady" role). 
  To summarize, Brenton. is. AWESOME! 
  I hope you have the best birthday ever, babe!  Thank you for doing life with me, and for making me feel like we're still dating...most of the time ;) Ha!  I love you and can't wait to celebrate!
To the moon, my love
love love,
Kaylee :)

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