Friday, May 8, 2015

Can I get an AMEN?!

Y'all.  I don't know where everyone stands when it comes to playdates, but I am NOT afraid to tell you that I wouldn't survive without them.  For real. Which leads into my question...

Playdates.  For the kids or really more for the moms?

Yes, I could be and awesome parent and say (in my sweet as honey voice) "oh my, I just love letting little Jackson play with his friends so he can learn all the social skills that he needs for when he starts school, and Gage gets to crawl around too, and everyone is just so cute, and perfect, and get along so great".... but that's a bunch of bull-honkey. I'm a FIRM believer that playdates are about 80% for the moms and only 20% for the kids!!

(That ratio is constantly changing depending on the season, however. For example, in the summer kids can be pushed out encouraged to get out and run around in the backyard so it can be more like 60/40 or even 70/30 if its raining.  But once it turns cold, and everyone is cooped up in side for extended periods of time, I'm thinking we can safely say its a solid 90/10!  Don't get me wrong I love my kiddos, but there's only so much Paw Patrol/ninja/"be my horsey, mom"  time one girl can take before she needs a break)

We were lucky enough to get to have some play time with friends this morning.  Thank you, Jesus. (This is where I would place a "raising the roof" emoji, of course) Our local Barnes and Noble that oh so perfectly has a Starbucks was having story time so its a win for everyone  It was WONDERFUL!  This lovely group of mom friends is extra great because they are also members of the same church my family and I attend. We know a lot of the same people,  have the same values,  and pretty much come from the same place on issues which makes for wonderful conversation.  Also, everyone is comfortable helping out with each other's kids. Our zone defense game is on point!  I should mention here that quite a few of these mamas are "seasoned veterans" some with 5 or more kids which is always so fascinating to watch! 

With 3 whole years of "mommy hood" under my belt, and a few playdates, I feel like I have started being able to accurately define just what a good mommy friend is.  Here is what I've come up with...

  • someone you can leave your kids with and know that they'll be taken care of
  • someone you can talk with candidly about NFP (the struggle is real, y'all)
  • someone who will hive-five you when you walk in with real pants on and clean hair
  • someone who lifts you up when you question your skills as a parent
  • someone who prays for you and your family because they love you
  • someone who understands your need for coffee
  • someone who brings you food when you've just had a baby or there's been a loss
Like I said, these are just a few definitions that I've come to know as I've meet some AMAZING women who I am so blessed to call "friends". I am so thankful that I get to watch their babies grow up with mine, and I truly believe that I am better because of each of them. 

Fellow moms, YOU ROCK!

love love,
Kaylee :)


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