Tuesday, May 5, 2015

God Winks

Today Jackson and I were going outside to play for a little while before the expected rain started.  While carrying his soccer goal out to the middle (which is crazy because Jackson just laughs at me when I try to get him to play soccer) something caught my eye.  In a patch of grass that the Mr. didn't get to mow before I had to leave for a meeting last night, this red weed flower was standing so tall amongst the grass.

So random. So beautiful.  When I got closer I saw its real beauty. 
This picture doesn't do justice.  I so wish you could see the vibrant colors of this flower in person, and I love how its perfectly imperfect.  Just like us!  We, too, can be a little rough around the edges, but the real beauty, the part that makes us who we really are, is at our core.  Our heart and soul.  You know those days when you feel like you cant do anything right, nobody is listening to you when you are telling them what to do, and/or its just a crappy day?  I would be lying if I said I didn't have those days.  I find my self questioning my skills as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, etc. more times than I'm going to admit here.  Somehow though, when I have a moment of doubt all I have to do is look around and I'll see a wonderful little sign from God.  As I like to call them... God winks.  That's what this flower was for me today.
True story, I have been worried lately that maybe I'm not getting Jackson outside to play enough.  Maybe I'm not doing a good enough job as his mom to make sure he's getting out and running around.  The only reason I'm thinking like this, though, is because I saw somewhere on (insert social media outlet here) that so-and-so is doing and awesome job with their kid(s) and are better than me.  Even if I know that's not true, because we are the hardest on ourselves, I still sometimes think like that.  However, when I needed it most, God came through once again with one of His winks. Just like that I'm reminded that I'm actually a pretty kick-ass mom.  That's right.
Kick. Ass.
God wants each of us to know how valuable we are as women! He made us who we are for a reason.  He made us so that we will fit perfectly in whatever vocation we are called to fulfill.  Thankfully though, He knows that we are human and question ourselves even if we are made in the likeness of Christ.  He knows this, yet he still forgives us for this "human-ness" and sends us little winks along the way to remind us that were doing this whole life thing pretty great, and to enjoy it while we're here.

So if you're finding yourself questioning your abilities in whatever stage of life you're in right now, look around because I'm sure you've got a God wink near by waiting to be seen.

love love,
Kaylee :)

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