Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hey Y'all

So here we are.

Only a YEAR after I first started thinking about wanting to start my own blog have I finally done it!  I hope that this can be a creative outlet for myself, and a place to share my fun tid-bits about my little world.  Expect to see wide variety of posts including, but not limited to, "mommy life", fashion, beauty, recipes (both wins AND fails), and much more. 

I don't want to give away all my secrets in the first post so I'll just leave you with this *ahem* situation that happened the other day...

While getting ready to take the boys to the (insert free activity here) I was brushing my teeth and  going through the normal routine check list
    boys fed and changed--check
    backpack (aka diaper bag) packed--check
    ponytail with a cute headband to hide the dirty hair--check

Then it happened. *dramatic music playing*  Something that occasionally happens, and makes us cringe.  Do we make a change or do we continue on.  Do we stay on course, or do we stop, then become late.  After 5 seconds an eternity, I made a decision.
I would not be changing my shirt and I would walk in, proudly, with a HUGE toothpaste stain on my shirt.  Hey! I was wearing actual pants and I was ROCKIN that ponytail!  No shame in my game.


love love,
Kaylee :)

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  1. My new favorite blog! You're hilarious and wise and I so look forward to ready more! So happy you started a blog!! 😃😘