Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Hola!  Its an interesting day so far here at Casa de Copeland.  We've had 3 meltdowns already, but that won't kill my vibe!  It can be tuff being a 3 year old.  I get it, sometimes I want to run around in only my underwear, too.  Anyhoo, on with the business at hand...


Here are 5 things I'm loving right now;

Look these lovely new pens my husband so wonderfully bought me.  The Paper Mate FLAIR pens are my favorite to use in my planner.  These bad boys are limited edition colors, and well, I'm a sucker for anything that says "limited edition".  I know.  Its one of the many crosses I bear.

I have discovered the fun world of Podcasts.  I've just barely breached the surface. I have found one so far that I like, and I have a few other waiting to check out.  Please let me know if you have a favorite that I need to look into.  Here is what I'm listening to now...

Jackson and Gage are starting to play together more.  Like actually play and interact with each other.  Sure they still act like roommates who owe each other money so eye contact is avoided at all costs sometimes, but all in all they have a good time together.  Gage thinks Jackson is HILARIOUS...most of the time.

Parenthood.  I have finally emerged from the rock of which I was under, and discovered the emotional rollercoaster that is Parenthood.  Let's give it up for Netflix and the ability to binge watch an entire series.  I'm hooked, and have now brought the Mr. over to the dark side.

Two words; new sandals.  Two more words; Target clearance.  Does anyone else hear angels sing while perusing the aisles of Tarjey? I sure did.  I have been drooling over a pair of sandals on Instagram f o r e v e r, and the other day I saw that beautiful red tag on these bad boys.  So what if they're a size too big, with my Flintstone feet I make them work.

So that's it for this Friday.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I was somehow suckered into partaking in a bike race with my family on Saturday.  Don't worry, I've already made an appointment with my chiropractor, and plan on cashing in on the massage I was gifted last Christmas.  Praying that my "Privett" instincts come in for the first time in my life, and I become naturally athletic enough to handle this shindig.

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  1. I've never watched Parenthood. But I've heard such good things about it that it's on my to-watch list. I like to wait until after a series is over because I'm a jinx when it comes to TV. When I love a show, it gets canceled during the first season. I think TV executives should pay me to not watch their shows.

  2. hahaha Angela, I totally know what you mean! Plus, I sometimes think its a lot more fun to sit and binge watch rather than having to wait through silly commercials and dealing with emotional cliff hangers that make me a nervous wreck for a weak! Hmmm maybe I just get to emotionally invested with my shows ;)