Saturday, July 11, 2015

My happy place.

I have been trying to coerce my sweet hubs into taking me to IKEA for a few weeks now.  I know, I know I could easily have driven myself, but I knew it would be more fun if he went with me.  He has somehow figured out ways to get out of this trip, but yesterday I realized that we had NO PLANS for the weekend. WHAT?! This happens rarely so I capitalized on the opportunity.  I also enlisted the help of an adventurous 3 year old who I knew would want to go to this magical place, and I knew Brenton wouldn't be able to say "no".  Manipulative you say?  NAH! I say resourceful.

We woke up bright and early at 8:30 *fist pump*, Brenton made some delish breakfast, and we all got ready to start the 45ish minute trip to Frisco.  (that's in the northern part of the Dallas area for you out of towners).  First, we obviously had to stop for some Chai Tea Lattes at "Starwars" as Jackson so affectionately calls it. 

He can't go anywhere without his police gear
Typical "waiting in line at Starbucks" picture...

When  we got there around noon we were pleased to see that is wasn't near as crowded as it could have been for a Saturday.  Gager-man and I scoped out a shopping cart, while Brenton and JW took an exciting ride up the escalator.   Then it was GAME ON!  Too many things and not enough money in my bank account....or room in our house.  We dreamt about some couches that we would love to have in the future, sat in some super comfy (some not so comfy) chairs, and then heard the angels sing.  We turned the corner to find our dream kitchen. 

Y'all.  If IKEA would let me move in and call this kitchen my own, I would be elated.  Without boring you with details I'll just say that I want my future home to have this set up.  This exact kitchen.   Swoon....

From there we continued around the maze that is this magical store.  Through entertainment storage, to more kitchen ideas.  Around the bend into culinary gadgets.  Then we stumbled into dining.  Little did we know that we would find a table we really love, and a super cute alternative to the gigantic, yet beautiful, china cabinet I bought before we got married.  This coming week I'm going to see if anyone is interested in buying our china cabinet so that we can then get the IKEA cabinet. Say 'cabinet" one more time, Kaylee.  Sheesh.  More on that and (hopefully) pictures of them both in our home soon.

After wading through a sea of throw pillows and finding some Christmas gift ideas we decided to stop for lunch.  MEATBALL TIME!  Yes, they're awesome.

 We headed downstairs after eating and zoomed through the first few sections pretty quickly.  Not before grabbing random things for the house, however. Here are a few of our purchases...


The main reason I wanted to go to make this trip was because of this super cute idea Natalie from At Home with Natalie posted on Instagram a few weeks back. 

I ran to Target as soon as I saw the post, got the same two prints, and wanted to hang them ASAP. Unfortunately, in my haste, I discovered once we got home today I got frames that are too small.  Looks like another trip is in my near future....bummer.  HA! Yeah right! I'm pumped. 

I loved every bit of today.  The boys did wonderfully during our four hour stroll.  Yes...four glorious hours.  When we left, Brenton decided to drive around town and see all of the changes that have been made since we left Frisco two years ago.  So many new buildings!  We definitely miss the town.  We had a lot of firsts there and it will always have a special place in our hearts. 

After chowing down on some pizza a wonderful feast when we got home, the boys went to bed pretty easily and the Mr and I got to enjoy a few beers.  Again, I loved every thing about today.

P.S.  Sorry for the novel
P.P.S.  I'm not sorry for your sudden urge to run to your nearest IKEA

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