Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oh Hey, October!

Ummm...excuse me, but HOW is it October already??

I don't know about you guys, but (at least in this moment) I feel like this year if flying.  I guess its true that as your kids get older the faster time goes.  I'm not quite emotionally ready for that so lets move on.

Much has happened over the last few months.  Weddings, friends having the sweetest babies, too many laughs, B and I celebrating our 5 year anniversary, finishing up and then starting back with St. Michael Homeschool, a super scary family emergency that took us to North Dakota this summer, Jackson starting Pre-K, and much much more. 

I'll spam you with a few pictures in just a bit, but first I figured I'd share some of my goals for the rest of this week.  I've figured out that I've got to be realistic and focus on things that need to be done now rather than wanting to do #allthethings all the time.  I always end up getting way to sidetracked and lost in dream land :)


  TO DO--
  • wash car
  • wash all sheets
  • clean out desk
  • meal plan
  • list items for sale
  • bake brownies for church function
  • Familia lesson 2 (oops. should probably order that book)
  • Two chapters from "Finding True Happiness" by Fulton Sheen
  TO BE--
  • better at waking up early for "me time"
  • more present with my family
  • better at listening to understand rather than listening to respond

Okay, enough for now.  Here are some pics to hold you over until next time :)

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