Friday, November 6, 2015

Its Friday! Its Friday!

As I sit here with my coffee, which is a daily must have lately, I figured I would share with you some of my current favorite (kind of fall related) things. 

TREES! We recently took a trip to St Paul, Minnesota for a dear friend's wedding, and we decided to roadtrip up there.  We left the boys with the grandparents while Brenton, my sister Ashile, and I hopped in our van a headed north.  It was such a fun trip getting to see all kinds of new places and eat yummy food.  This is where I found one of my fall favorites.  The trees y'all.  I've never seen so many beautiful vibrant trees changing colors.  The colors were so rich and everything was just so darn beautiful that I  pretty much decided we would be move up there and staying forever.  But then I remembered hearing about winters where you get snowed in for days at a time, and I changed my mind.  I'm more of a snow day kind of gal as opposed to a snow season.  Anyone else?

Along with trees changing colors come the smells of fall.  There are certain smells that are only around at this time of year that strike up great memories from growing up.  For example, when the weather starts getting cold at night and there is just a faint scent of a bon fire in the distance, I always think of riding around in a friend's bronco when we were in highschool.  Tis the season for all things pumpkin so of course when that and the rich scents of nutmeg and chai waft my way I get the warm fuzzies.  Right now I am LOVING this mixture in my diffuser.  The mixture of Citrus Fresh and Thieves give the scent of hot apple cider and its glorious! I'll get you hooked up if you want more info on these amazing oils that aren't just great smelling, but are also so good for you!


A few months ago I found Blessed is She on Instagram.  If you are looking for a Catholic based site for daily devotionals, blog posts, merchandise and things of that sort this is your place.  BIS has beautiful graphics and powerful messages.  They haven't disappointed me yet. They even have a free study guide for personal study and/or small group study that you can download! (You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter)   

Due to some medical issues I've got going on, I've been challenged to up my workout game.  The Mr. and I already have a weight lifting routine three days a week, but I need to be doing more.  As most of you know, getting a good workout in with kids is sometimes easier said than done.  Sometimes the hassle of getting everyone ready and together just to go for a long walk is too much.  My sister introduced me to Dance Fitness with Jessica on Youtube a few months ago.  She showed me Jessica's routine to Dark Horse (which is my JAM I might add)  and I was highly intrigued.  I've only recently been trying out the videos for myself and MY GOODNESS.  Girl knows how to WERK.  If you are looking for an at home routine that will get your booty moving and you're not afraid to shake what your mama gave ya then check this girl out!  The videos are only a few minutes long each so you need to do a few to really get your heart pumping, so you can choose how much dancing you want to do.

Adele.  Because, duh.  A few of my favorite quotes from her very personal Rolling Stones interview are:
  •  "My career's not my life," she says. "It's my hobby."
  •  "But with kids, hangovers are torture. They just know. They pick up on it and just go for you." I mean...FOR REAL!
  • When asked about her workout regimen..."I mainly moan," "I'm not, like, skipping to the f***ing gym. I don't enjoy it."
WORD.  *sigh* I just want to be her best friend.

And because you know you want this in your head for the rest of the day!


That's all for today. I've also been reading a few new books, but I wait to tell you about those later. :) I would love to hear some of your current favorites so please leave me a comment telling me about them!   
What are you up to this weekend?? Anything fun?
We have a concert to go to, a birthday party for my friend, and are supposed to finally have J's last Blastball game. This will be the third attempt because we keep getting rained out!
What should our next Netflix show be?
We just finished Parenthood and need something to hold us over until they finally release the final season.
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