Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Well this is new

After a lot of thinking and working with numbers, Brenton and I realized that going to a preschool just wasn't in the cards for Jackson this year.
The schools we were really wanted him to attend are pretty darn expensive and we would like to work our way out of the little bit of debt we have (I'm looking at you student loans!) before it comes time to buy a house.  I was super bummed about this because so many of his friends are attending the private school our church provides, and I don't want him to miss out on too much.  However, when I really thought about it I came to terms with the fact that he's three. Three.  Just how much can a three year old miss?  I can totally make sure that we set up play dates with friends to get his socializing done, and I can pull myself together and teach him things here. Right?

Enter a whole new concept for me.  Homeschooling.

I have ALWAYS said that I would not be a homeschooler.  Of course, I also said after we got married we were going to wait for a while to have babies, but someone had other plans.

I'm not sure why I was against the idea.  I think I put to much thought into the stigma that homeschoolers were kind of *ahem* different.  I fully apologize to those of you reading this that were homeschooled and/or are homeschooling your kiddos.  I have realized that that is not always the case and I've been brought into the light and shown all the benefits that come from teaching your own kids in your own home.  Let's talk about the main reason I was not a fan of homeschooling though...I have NO IDEA how to lesson plan or teach! Discipline with routines is not always my forte. 

Thanks to some wonderful help from friends, and some amazing bloggers, I found a wonderful program called Catholic Heritage Curricula.  I requested some free info, and boy did they convince me that I could do this. Last week I ordered the preschool core kit and yesterday we came home to found this fun little package on our door step. 

Please excuse the creepy leg

We got like a full 45 minutes of fun out of this mess! #momwin

I'm still not 100% convinced that I'll be able to do this, and I'm not sure if this is the road our family is being called to take long term, but its something we're praying about.  Below is the unboxing video so you can get a sneak peak in to what our preschool lives will be like starting next week...or the week after.  Like I said, self discipline is not a strong point for me.

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