Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What's in a Name?

When it comes to naming our sweet babes we like to put (probably too much) thought into the process.  I figured I would share with you how the boys ended up with their names as well as announce let you know how we chose baby girl's name.

Jackson Wade-

When Mr and I were going through our engagement we, naturally, talked about our future kids.  I knew a name I really liked for a potential future son and decided I'd poke around and see where his head was at.  To my surprise, he said the same name I loved!  His grandfather's name was Jack, and his father's name is Jackie so Brenton wanted to kind of pass that name on to one of our kiddos.  To add to it, my dad's name is Sonny. Jackson was a perfect fit since it included both our dad's names (Jackie+Sonny=JackSon).  Bonus sentimental value....if you don't know me, I'm a SUCKER for sentimental things.  My grandfather, Melvin, grew up with the nickname "Jack".  There was no way our first son wouldn't be name "Jackson".  Where did "Wade" come from you ask?  We basically just started looking up names and picked the one we thought fit the best. 

Gage Wyatt-

While pregnant with Jackson, yes he hadn't even made his grand entrance yet, we talked about our "list".  You know the "list".  All the names you write down and think about using for your hypothetical children.  Anyway, at a family get together I was talking about the few boy names we liked with my Uncle Gary.  When I said the name "Gage" he lit up and told me how much he liked that name.  He actually had a dog named him "Gauge" that I had kind of forgotten about at the time, and when I remembered  I told him, "as much as I like it I can't name my kid the same name you named your dog!". He laughed and sort of scoffed at me and went on about how much he liked that name and I should just spell it differently.  Tragically, my sweet uncle suddenly passed away in April of 2013.  We found out we were pregnant that following September and as soon as we heard babe #2 was going to be a boy I knew he would be named "Gage".  Its like a special little reminder for me of that sweet man I was blessed to have as an uncle.  As for "Wyatt", well that was another "let's say some names out loud and just see what fits" kind of situation.  Very touching I know.

Sienna Jovell-
We haven't been very vocal about baby girl's name only telling family and friends as we see them.  I'm not sure why.  We even kept this pregnancy quiet longer than we did with the boys, and have just kind of kept it close.  It's been a wonderful time for our family.  Before we had decided we would like to add another little one to our squad I had a few health issues going on.  Nothing huge, but I knew I needed to become healthier for myself before I should be thinking about adding a #3.  After I got things under control I had started reading about the life of St. Catherine of Siena.  My mom's group at church was reading about her for our book club, and I really enjoyed reading her story. (If you haven't already, you should check her out. Her dedication to her faith, and her relationship with Christ, is something I had never heard)  I had asked for her intercession and just asked that she pray for us and for my health, I even promised to honor her should we become pregnant.  Sure enough, without going into to many details, right before I was going back to the Dr. because things didn't seem to be working in our favor, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  Fast forward to when we found out babe #3 is a part of Team Pink.  I was super excited about naming this sweet girl Sienna as a way of saying "thanks" for St. Catherine's prayers.  Then we have "Jovell". This was my grandmother's middle name, and she went by "Jo". Without writing an entirely separate novel, which would be easy to do, explaining to you all the ways she was an amazing woman whom I loved so dearly I will simply say she was beautiful and precious to my family. Baby girl has two very strong women in her corner and I know they will be praying for her and looking over her always. 

I love hearing the stories of where people get their names for their children.  I love that each of my sweeties has a special meaning behind their names and are named after/as a "tribute" to some wonderfully amazing people.

I would love to hear how you chose your kids' names or if you don't have kids yet, I would like to know what names you would like to potentially use. :)

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